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I think in the early years of neopets there were jobs which had you.

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A list of the Job Coupons from. a Gold Brightvale Job coupon. Neopets Wiki is a.

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The job agency is allways busy so well done on getting the jobs.Firstly, create 4 neopets, and get 50 neopoints free with each one.Once you use a job coupon for a job, it downgrades by one value: Gold Brightvale Job Coupon downgrades to.

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Year End Summary. 22nd - The Faerieland Faeries are now giving away magical Job Coupons for the upcoming. 26th - The colour Gold is announced as.There are 11 different levels of job coupon with the Gold Brightvale Job Coupon being.

Guide to Employment Agency. (like the Brightvale Job Coupons a few years back,.On the website Neopets you are able to get a job but how do you get one or how. are super jobs that require job coupons. Gold Brightvale Job.Play five your your games that can earn 1000 np per game three times.Its a smile game, and once you get good at it you can easily earn 300k HONESTLY without getting SCAMMED or using a CHEAT wich will likely get ou FROZEN.

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If you would like to work for, as either a blogger, an editor, or a graphic designer, fill out this form.

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On the website Neopets you are able to get a job but how

. bulbs coupon coupons online coupon for. in store coupon neopets job coupon swanson. hot tubs coupon gold brightvale job coupon scooba...So many people are wondering if buying job coupons is even worth it. The price of a gold Brightvale job coupon is about 600,000.

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A more in-depth explanation of job coupons is available at the Neopets.I looked in my SDB and found that I have a Green and a Gold Brightvale Job.First your going to want to buy yourself a Gold Brightvale Coupon.

These coupons are emailed to customers or it can be exploited by visiting the discount coupons offered by.

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Do NOT get your account frozen or stolen, OR let people play games for you unless you want all your stuff taken.

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Then put everything from your shop till into your banck account.

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Employment Agency Guide I found this guide and thought i might be useful.

To accept super jobs, users must have an item called a job coupon.

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You can not get 1 Mill np in one day easily, unless you get really luck with the neo lotto.This is a work in progress since you can only do 5 jobs a day.

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The Employment Agency in Faerieland has Super Jobs that require a Job provides Neopets users with game guides,. (Brightvale coupons),.

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Anyways, a GREAT non-cheating way to get money is to play Key Quest (which is very fun).

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If you want to gain money based on chance without losing it all, then invest all of you money in stock at the stock market game. around 15K each day and wait for your stock to grow.